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Frequently Asked Questions

Waiting List - Enrollment

How do I know if I qualify for your program?

     -Families are not required to be affiliated with the University of New Mexico in order to place a child on the waiting list. However, affiliation is required once the UNMCC makes a formal offer of enrollment into our traditional program, verified through Banner ID, for example. In addition, the UNM Children's Campus has grant funded program options that extend to the larger community to include the State of New Mexico Early PreK and PreK programs as well as the Department of Education Child Care Access Means Parents In School (CCAMPIS) program. Additional information on program options can be found here

I am a student, staff, faculty, how do I apply for your program?

     -The goal of the UNM Children’s Campus is to serve UNM students, staff and faculty. Placing your child on the waiting list is one of the very first steps in applying for the program. You can add your child to the traditioanal program waiting list here: If you are a student, additional programming options are available through the Department of Education Child Care Access Means Parents In School (CCAMPIS) program. Additional information on the program can be found here: Information on all programming options can be found at under the "programs" tab.

My child is currently on the waiting list. How can I find their status?

    -Mailings are sent out for each applicant placed on the waiting list every March and October informing the waiting list family of where they currently   are on the waiting list. This mailing will provide you with information as to where your child stands on the age appropriate list. In addition to these mailings, you may contact the UNM Children's Campus directly at 505-277-3365 or via email at to inquire about your child's status.

I need child care while I'm in class or studying, do you have programs to support that?

     -Yes, the Children's Campus has a program to support the needs of students while they attend class or complete class related activities. The Drop-In and Evening Care Program is sponsored through the U.S. Department of Education and is open Monday-Thursday from 7am-10pm and Friday from 7:00am-5:30pm. The goal of the program is to assist parents with a low cost or free child care service. This program is available to UNM students with the greatest need of child care services as a means to support their staying in school and completing their desired degree program. Applications are accepted each semester on a first-come, first-served basis with priority consideration provided to low income students.

Can I tour the facility?

     -The Children’s Campus maintains an open door policy. Families have the ability to complete a tour at any point throughout the program day. We encourage any questions, concerns or feedback that you may have in regards to the program In addition, upon enrollment families are encouraged to visit the facility at any time and to participate in their child’s classroom and other events hosted at the Center. .

Will a transition be required for my child at the time of enrollment?

     -Transitioning is a term used at the UNM Children’s Campus to refer to the process whereby new children are “introduced” into the Campus or when groups of children graduate to older classrooms. Recognizing that transitions may be difficult for children, a transition schedule is used to help facilitate your child’s transition into the program or into a new classroom. Infants and toddlers must participate in a minimum of a one week transition prior to beginning enrollment in the program. Preschool children must participate in a minimum of two (2) one (1) hour visits prior to beginning enrollment in the program. Parents may request to adjust the timeframe in order to better meet the needs of their child. Teachers will make every effort to work with the family in order to help ease the child’s transition.


When does your program start?

     -Children are generally accepted into the program in July for August enrollment and throughout the year as openings occur.

Are you open in the Summer?

     -Yes, the Children's Campus remains open through the Summer semester to serve students, staff and faculty of the University. The program is open Monday-Friday from 7am-5:30pm.

What are your ratios?

     -The UNM Children’s Campus maintains developmentally appropriate teaching staff to child ratios within group size. Smaller group size and lower ratios allow for more one-on-one adult to child interactions and for constructive activity among children. Staff to child ratios within group size are maintained during all hours of operation, including indoor time, outdoor time, and during field trips. Classroom ratios are noted below:

Single Age Group          

NM State Licensing Maximums   NAEYC Accreditation Maximums   
6 weeks through 24 months   1:61:4
2 years1:101:5
3 years1:121:6
4 years1:121:9
5 years1:151:9
6 years1:151:12


Mixed Age Group    

NM State Licensing Maximums   NAEYC Accreditation Maximums   
6 weeks through 24 months  1:61:4
2.5 years through 3 years1:121:8
3, 4, 5 years1:141:9
6 years1:151:12


Are there any other resources available to families?

     -Yes, the Children's Campus has compiled a list of resources available to families and student parents. These resources include UNM and larger Albuquerque community. Additional information can be found here:

Is the UNM Children's Campus hiring?

    -The UNM Children's Campus completes hires throughout the year as vacancies occur. All available positons are posted at the UNMJobs hiring site,

How do I volunteer, complete praticum or observations at the UNM Children's Campus?

   -One of the goals of the Children’s Campus is to serve as a location for academic connections for UNM students and faculty as well as for others in the community. Due to our connection with the University and our role in supporting faculty and student’s professional and educational goals, parents should expect a high level of participation in observations, projects and field experiences. Please contact our office via telephone at 505-277-3365 or email to request the necessary paperwork to complete these activities.

How will my family be billed for services?

     -On the 10th of each month, bills are posted to the Contracting Parent's bursars account, utilizing the parent's Banner ID. Families are provided 30 days to make a payment via LoboWeb or the UNM Cashier's office. Reminder email notifications of these charges are sent out in the middle of each each month.

I have questions about the program, who can I contact?

     -Should you have any additional questions regarding our program, please refer to our parent handbook at or call 505-277-3365.