UNM Children's Campus Wait List

The UNMCC maintains a waiting list for all families interested in enrollment. Waiting List applications are accepted on an on-going basis.

Families are not required to be affiliated with the University of New Mexico in order to place a child on the waiting list. However, affiliation is required once the UNMCC makes a formal offer of enrollment into our program. Proof of UNM affiliation (i.e. staff identification or current student class schedule) and the contracting parent’s UNM Banner Identification Number will be required at the time the acceptance of enrollment form is signed. Affiliation will subsequently be verified each semester. UNM affiliation is considered active staff, faculty, medical residents or students of the University. Failure to maintain UNM affiliation may lead to immediate disenrollment from the UNMCC. UNM affiliation is not required for participation in the NM PreK program.

Mailings are sent out for each applicant placed on the waiting list every March and October informing each waiting list family of where they currently are on the waiting list. This is an opportunity for you to update any information that has changed since the last mailing. It is the families’ responsibility to make sure the UNMCC always has current addresses and phone numbers on file. Failure to provide this information could result in the family not receiving a mailing and being removed from the waiting list. Mailings must be returned to the UNMCC along with the applicable fee, postmarked by the deadline specified on the mailing, in order to remain on the waiting list. If you do not return a mailing by the specified date your child will be removed from the waiting list.

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