COVID Resources and Supports

This page is dedicated to providing resources and supports to families during the temporary closure of the UNM Children's Campus. If you have any questions, suggestions or resources that you feel would be beneficial to families, please contact us at

Wellbeing During COVID-19

well being photo

-UNM's Student Health and Counseling
-Helping Children and Families Cope with COVID

 Child Care Access

-To locate a listing of child care facilities, please visit This list will provide information on center openings, centers serving essential staff and more!

-For information on Early Childhood Services, please visit

-Please call 1-833-551-0518 to connect with the state’s child care Resource and Referral line or go to to download a child care assistance application. 

 Food and Financial Resources

foodpantrypic-For meal access and questions, please visit:

-UNM LoboRespect Advocacy Center Lobo Food Pantry

-ASUNM and WRC Emergency Scholarships for Student Parents! Deadline of April 15 and May 1 https://

 Activities for Children - Early Childhood Resources

-Are you missing Circle Time? There's an app for that! Ask a friend to join and get a free membership for this program. 

-Introducing ParentPal: A Personal Partenting Coach

-Nutrition Education Activities with Minimal Ingredients!

-Bright by Text delivers developmental games and tips right to parents cell phones!’-cell-phones-free/jul-12-2018

-STEM Resources from Explora! 

-17 Activities for Toddlers!

-75 Ways for Kids to Connect and Contribute

-Science Activities at Home! 

-Cheap Family Fun Activities

-Early Learning Activities (educational games, books, etc) for children ages 2-8

-Resources for Families During the Coronavirus

-Activities for Young Children Customizable by Age!

-New Mexico Early Childhood Education and Care Secretary Elizabeth Groginsky announced that the state is providing free thirty-day accounts to Parentivity for all parents of New Mexico’s young children. Parentivity is a web-based system that provides 24/7 customized information for parents of children from birth to age five. Parentivity includes 2-3-minute learning experiences in the form of interactive games, videos, and research-based resources.

virtualft-The Best Virtual Fieldtrips

-The Secret to Keeping Your Kids Happy, Busy and Learning if Their School Closes Due to Coronavirus

-Virtual Early Childhood Space: A Beautiful Day

-Activities to do at home!

-Keeping the Kids Busy!

-Sensory Play Ideas

-Home Learning Activities for Families!

-And more to come! Please keep an eye out for a news segment with KOAT featuring Kimberly DeLeon, UNM Children's Campus Master Teacher!